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Chocolate colomba by Calciano pastry

glassa cioccolato

Swollen, well leavened, authentic, even in the shape. When cut, it expresses a full aroma of pastry, yeast, candied fruit, vanilla, which can also be perceived with the naked eye.

The dessert that comes to life!


Domori Chocolate Colomba enriched with small pear gems that melt on the palate, the apotheosis of pleasure!
Our chocolate is pure single-origin quality from Domori, a leading company in the production of chocolate. Only fine aromatic and variegated cocoa plants, which allow the creation of chocolate with a well-defined flavor.
The Colomba with Chocolate and Pere Calciano is a Colomba without semi-finished products and preservatives. Each ingredient is studied and chosen to obtain a quality product with an exceptional combination of flavours.
The completely handmade Colomba with Chocolate and Pears is among the most appreciated, unique for its moist and soft consistency, with the unmistakable taste of the Calciano brand.
It is an irresistible temptation, with its scent of chocolate and the unmistakable aroma of pear it conquers the palates of young and old.
Last but certainly not least, a pour of chocolate icing makes the Calciano Colomba a pleasure that inebriates all the senses. The Colomba with Chocolate and Pere Calciano is swollen and well leavened, the scents of pastry will invade your home and it will always be a party!

La nostra Colomba al Cioccolato

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