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Easter colomba: the best ones in Italy

gambero rosso colomba pasquale

Swollen, well leavened, authentic, even in the shape. When cut, it expresses a full aroma of pastry, yeast, candied fruit, vanilla, which can also be perceived with the naked eye.

The dessert that comes to life!


BEST COLOMBA 2021: They kick in the standings!

The best Colomba 2021 is the Gambero Rosso ranking which every year punctually gives us anxiety – in the wait – and relief – in the result -.
Gambero Rosso draws up its ranking to identify the best artisan Colomba.
And how could we miss?

It is not the first time that we have been reported in the prestigious pages of Gambero Rosso, but every time it fills our hearts with joy because it is the confirmation that we are working well and getting better and better!
The Gambero Rosso tasting makes use of expert connoisseurs of pastry who are entrusted with the difficult task of tasting numerous Colombe, in order to promote a small group.
The tasting takes place completely blind, in fact no one knows to which hands the analyzed Colombe belong. The samples are identified only by a number, so as not to have any conditioning.
About us, Gambero Rosso says:

“Short and swollen, more than a Colomba, a well-fed turkey, with a very homogeneous icing of an intense caramel color, large sugars and dressed almonds. Inside, the dough has a very bright color, with a heterogeneous honeycomb, and a nice appearance that suggests good cooking. The candied fruit is well distributed, but the most striking thing is the incredibly soft dough that reveals the structure of a cloud. In fact, it focuses more on the very light consistency and the melting and melting paste rather than on the aromatic notes, which are in fact a bit humble. On the nose, as in the mouth, the orange (in paste and candied, Navel variety of Pianetta di Barbieri) stands out, which steals a bit of complexity from the bite with its more pungent notes.”

All right, all right Gambero Rosso, we’ll give you an autograph!
Seriously, we are grateful and very happy and we thank all our customers for their trust and support, and above all the judges of Gambero Rosso for having included the Colomba Calciano among the best in Italy!

gambero rosso colomba pasquale

La nostra Colomba premiata da Gambero Rosso

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