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Mother yeast: our secret of goodness!

Mother yeast is the basic ingredient of our products.

The leavening, completely natural and without brewer’s yeast, is very slow. It far exceeds the normal hours of fermentation, reaching about seventy-five hours for the complete cooking of the product, to which another twelve are added for cooling to room temperature. The choice of such a slow leavening, moreover at low temperatures, the strictly high quality raw materials and the passion with which we preserve this tradition, allow us to be certain of the quality and goodness of our product. In our heart we nourish the hope that our customers will receive the love, dedication and care that accompany us every day during the choice of raw materials, from production to the sale of the finished product.

The dessert that comes to life!


The passion for the production of handcrafted and genuine products is a precious gift from our parents. We are Ezio and Rocco Calciano and our pastry shop is 40 years old. We are in Tricarico, a small town a few km from Matera, “the City of Stones”, a Unesco World Heritage Site.


We were born and raised in this place, we know the most remote corners, the scents, the colors; we are grateful to this place and to those who preceded us, for having preserved and handed down authentic traditions and flavours. This is our starting point: the bond with our land and with our origins. Wherever our products arrive, we know that the Lucanian territory is always with us. Each of our products is made according to a totally artisanal tradition, free of semi-finished products and preservatives.


The choice of raw materials is decisive for obtaining a quality product, but it is important that it is supported by constantly updated skills and an efficient laboratory. Our current laboratory is at the forefront, we are equipped with machinery that helps us in production, guaranteeing excellent results that are always of the same level, without affecting our precious craftsmanship. We make use of the best and safest packaging, accurate and fast shipments and flexible and precise assistance.

Rocco ed Ezio Calciano


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