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Pistachio colomba by Calciano pastry

Swollen, well leavened, authentic, even in the shape. When cut, it expresses a full aroma of pastry, yeast, candied fruit, vanilla, which can also be perceived with the naked eye.

The dessert that comes to life!


Naturally leavened, exclusively artisanal, the Colomba al Pistacchio Calciano is undoubtedly among the most balanced.
The Colomba al Pistacchio Calciano is made with genuine and natural raw materials, free of preservatives and dyes. Our gem is the combination of ingredients such as pistachio, black cherries and lemon, which allow us to obtain a captivating taste.
The pistachio fills the palate with the pungent vein of lemon, concludes the sour cherry that envelops everything, in the delicate, moist and very tasty frame of our dough.
The colors of the Colomba al Pistacchio Calciano are true, authentic, as nature commands:
• The warm yellow of our doughs is kindly offered only by fresh egg yolks from hens from non-intensive free-range farms;
• The dark green color of our pistachios is certainly darker than the classic acid green that we are used to seeing, this is because it does not contain any coloring agent (chlorophyll) and is 100% pistachio;
• The cold and bright yellow of the IGP lemon comes from the Amalfi Coast, straight from Sorrento;
• Dark red are our cherries, genuine and controlled.
Furthermore, the pistachios used for the Colomba al pistacchio Calciano come from our own plantations in Lucania, so safety, control and pride – grant us that – are guaranteed!
A little jewel that will bring all the flavors of the Mediterranean to your tables.

Colomba al pistacchio

La nostra Colomba al Pistacchio

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