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The ingredients

The scent reveals all the genuineness of the ingredients, the taste is enveloping, warm and perfectly balanced.

Calciano Panettoni have a very specific character, they are recognizable with your eyes closed. The perfume reveals all the genuineness of the ingredients.


We use type 1 stone-ground flour as it was done in the past, to avoid overheating, thus keeping the organoleptic properties intact. The flours we choose have 30% fiber, a much higher quantity than wholemeal. The real added value is certainly the wheat germ; a dough with wheat germ flour is tastier, more fragrant and easier to digest. Wheat germ raises the body's immune defences, has a rebalancing action on the metabolism and slows down ageing. It benefits health, eyesight and even mood, and last but not least, it reduces the glycemic impact by 30%.


It keeps precious minerals unaltered inside (iodine, zinc and potassium) as it is washed exclusively with sea water and not treated with additives. The sweet salt of Cervia is unique in the world. Its organoleptic peculiarities make it a ``sweet`` salt, because it is devoid of bitter chlorides.


The vanilla beans we use come from Madagascar and are also known as Mananara vanilla beans: among the finest in the world, hand-grown in small reserves, they give a unique and inimitable aroma.


The only noble fat in patisserie, our fresh centrifuged Normandy butter is obtained from rested cream. Furthermore, the milk is produced by cows that graze in the open and eat the fresh grass of the hills overlooking the Atlantic.


Our chocolate is a pure single-origin Domori quality. First of all chocolate producers, Domori uses only fine cocoa plants, such as Criollo, producing types of chocolate with varied and well-defined aromatic bouquets and at the same time contributing to the conservation of biodiversity.


Of our category A eggs from non-intensive free-range hens, use only the fresh yolk, which makes the dough soft and intense yellow and helps to best emulsify the butter, thus avoiding the use of added emulsifiers.


Our sugar is cane and organic, unrefined and fairly traded. Also, do not use a lower percentage than the standard amount, preferring acacia honey.


First choice almonds from Bari and Avola, among the most valuable on international markets. In our laboratory they are selected and checked one by one.


Our organic pistachio comes from the Calciano farm, which we own: it is therefore controlled, genuine and natural.


IGP hazelnuts from the Langhe: round, gentle, trilobate. The ``Queen of the Langhe`` is considered the best hazelnut in the world.


Ours are semi-candied at 65° brix, have a lower concentration of sugar than the standard ones and furthermore the fruit is candied at the end of cooking. This causes the candy to be extremely soft and to release all the aroma of natural fruit in the mouth.


It comes from Australia, it is the 6 Crown Australian Raisin. Valuable, untreated, it is to be considered a source of pride especially for the pastry shop.


The Ciaculli Late Mandarin has an intense aroma and a very thin orange peel, characteristic and unmistakable aspects known and appreciated all over the world.


In our doughs only IGP lemon peels from Sorrento, with a citrine yellow color, medium thickness and the inimitable scent of the coast.


It has excellent organoleptic characteristics, its pulp is juicy and its aroma is intense.


Our Pear Williams is soft and velvety, a juicy fruit with a typical aroma. Delicate and perfect for pastry.


Tasty fruit, the aroma of raspberry refers to the undergrowth and the scent of the mountains. With antioxidant properties, tasty and refined.


Very fragrant citrus fruit, very large, juicy and seedless. They are inimitable for their sweetness and very low acidity level.


Organic honey of Acaciae orange blossom, produced by bees that feed on wild flowers that are born in uncontaminated places.


To develop all its flavours, crunchiness and juiciness, the Pink Lady apple requires extraordinary conditions. It was born in privileged territories that combine suitable quality of the soil and excellent exposure to the sun.


The wonder of discovering succulent black cherries inside the soft dough awakens the five senses.